Craftsman's Knife HVK GH

A unique method for attaching the sheath around a button on work clothes means it does not loosen, but it is easy to remove.

Plumber's Knife, VVS

Knife for plumbers designed with a file for use when filing off burrs.

Heavy Duty Knife, GK

A powerful and durable ground knife suitable for coarse work such as prizing,breaking and hacking.

Hultafors 20" inch Aluminum Pry Bar

This is a shorter version of wrecking bar H700 which can be kept in a toolbox.

Hultafors 60” inch Aluminum pry bar Steel point

The steel point is necessary if the pry bar is used for striking and chopping.

Hultafors 27" inch Aluminum Pry Bar

Originally produced for testing wheel bearings on cars, but also used by locksmiths when adjusting doors.

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