Measure with precision

Hultafors tape measures are unbeatable when it comes to precision. In fact, our steel tape measures offer the highest precision on the market. Add excellent ergonomics, clever features and sturdy housing and you don’t need to look any further.

Measurement accuracy is a very important feature of a tape measure. It’s simple really. Minor errors add up, become mistakes and worst-case scenario; work that needs to be redone. So, better getting it right on the first mark, right?

Developed with advanced technology

The majority of our measuring tapes are graduated using inkjet technology. By doing so, we achieve the highest level of precision, EU Class I. Once graduated, we coat each blade with a layer of matt polyester lacquer that has an anti-reflective effect, increasing the readability of the scale.

ISO-certified production

We are proud to be able to state that our steel tape measures are world class when it comes to precision. But being in the forefront comes with responsibility. The production of our steel tapes is controlled by a quality management system that is certified in accordance with ISO 9001. That means we work continuously with improving the production process, never compromising on quality.

Classified as EU Class I

European measuring tapes are classified in two classes, I and II. The classification is a quality measurement of how accurate the tape measure is when used during certain pre-set circumstances. Our steel measuring tapes, both short and long are classified as EU Class I, the highest precision.

Temperature affects the length

We often experience significant temperature differences between summer and winter. These differences also affect the length of tape measures made of steel and fibreglass. All tolerances quoted apply at 20°C, so it is important to be aware of the measurement deviations for various temperatures.

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