Utility knives and blades for improved efficiency and safety

Our utility knives are developed in collaboration with professional craftsmen who helped field test every single component. Only when they were completely satisfied did we know that our range of knives matched up to the demanding day-to-day requirements of the job.

Ergonomic precision and control

We strive to make user-friendly knives that provide great ergonomics as well as maximum precision and control. As a result, all our utility knives feature a comfortable and ergonomically designed finger grip that increases safety when using the knife in all kinds of situations. In addition, the knives have a narrowing tip, delivering a high level of precision at all time.

Easy to use and clean

To make our knives as user friendly as possible, we have eliminated all unnecessary components and minimized the number of moving parts. This extends the service life of the knife as there are fewer parts that can break or fall off. It also makes it easier to keep knives clean, preventing contaminants such as dust or plaster getting into the mechanism. Of course, the rubber parts can be disassembled for improved recycling.

Quick and safe change of blades

You can easily open our new knives without tools to quickly and safely replace worn-out blades. All the parts are fixed to the knife’s body and won’t fall out, which is a great advantage if you change blades when standing on a ladder or scaffolding.

To further simplify the process of changing blades, all new blades from Hultafors come packed in a clever spring-loaded dispenser holding up to 10 blades. The dispenser fits inside the handles of our utility knives so that a sharp blade is always close at hand.

Storage for used blades

The dispenser also features a storage space for used blades, which allows you to place the used blade in the back of the dispenser and thereby preventing old blades from littering the work space and causing cutting injuries.

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