What to think about when choosing a tape measure

The most important consideration when choosing a tape measure is precision. But what other features should you look for? Here are a few things to think about when deciding on which measuring tape to invest in.

1. High accuracy

Of course, precision is key when choosing a tape measurer. A good thing to look for is how the scale has been printed on the blade. Inkjet graduation offers high accuracy and great contrast of the scale, making it easy to read the measurements. All our steel measuring tapes, both short and long are classified as EU Class I. The classification is a quality measurement of how accurate the measuring tape is when used during certain pre-set circumstances.

2. User-friendliness

How well you perform at work is closely connected to your ability to use your tools. Ergonomic tools which fit your hands does not only feel better to use; they make you perform better. For measuring tapes it’s important to choose a case that is designed to fit you hand. Choosing a case that is too big for your hand will cause a bad grip and in the long run; make you less efficient. When holding the measuring tape, you should be able to reach all functions without any problem.

3. Locking mechanism

High accuracy is only achieved by making sure the blade stays in position when locking it. Make sure you try the brake before making your choice. The blade should be easy to lock in position and most important; it should stay in position until you release it. Also pay some attention to how the blade is re-winded; a smooth blade return and bump stop with anti-wear function is to be preferred. It not only makes the usage of the tape measurer more pleasant; it also means the tool will last longer.

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