The Hultafors Chisel HDC

Forged from a single piece for extreme breaking strength, and the blade places flat onto the surface. Designed for demolition as well as fine carpentry. Winner of the Red Dot Award 2015 for good product design.

The first time you use the HDC chisel you will immediately feel how the power is transmitted to the work piece. You are holding a chisel with a unique uniform steel construction in your hand, forged in a single piece. The robust design also gives the chisel extreme durability, outstanding strength and impact resistance.

Furthermore, the HDC chisel can be laid flat against the surface, allowing you, for example, to prise away tiles without damaging the surface below. In other words, a really sharp chisel for those who require extra everything when it comes to strength, function and accuracy.

The shape of the handle guarantees a firm grip and ensures that work can be carried out as safely as possible. The HDC chisel comes in a smart holster made from durable PP plastic and can easily be attached to a belt or a button.

The HDC chisels are the perfect choice for demolition and fine carpentry. Whether you need a robust chisel to knock off tiles or you're making a dovetail wood joint, HDC chisels are the perfect tool. Use the wide models for demolition and the narrower ones for delicate woodwork.

Chisels with perfect precision, sharp, heavy duty, and always close at hand

Our HDC chisels are ready for tasks requiring extreme strength and precision. A perfect ground blade, bevelled at 25° for the best possible ratio of sharpness and durability.

The entire chisel including the handle can be positioned flat against the surface for expanded uses. Smart holster made from durable PP plastic for increased accessibility, the holster can easily be attached to a belt or on a button.

  • Forged in one piece with an I-beam for extreme durability and to maximize the force transmission down to the work piece.

  • Flat contact surface gives an increased number of applications.

  • Santoprene handle, optimized for both power and precision.

  • Smart holster for increased availability.

  • Replaceable nylon striker available as spare part.

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